About Behind The Bricks

Behind The Bricks is an Interior Design practice based in West London, Feltham, founded by Arleta Jankowska. In collaboration with her own contractors she manages projects from start to finish to provide peace of mind for the client and ensure perfectly created space to the desired finish. 

Behind The Bricks offers services from conception to completion for all domestic projects based in West London. This includes 3D Visualisation, 360 panoramic view, Home Décor and complete refurbishments.

An Interior Designer- Arleta Jankowska

Arleta Jankowska

          I have completed the Interior Design and Space Arrangement Course, which gave me structured and comprehensive knowledge, essential to creating ideal spaces.

          I design with passion, for satisfaction and self-fulfilment. Helping clients to meet their dreams of an ideal living space give me the additional satisfaction and the desire to continue my work. 

          Designing interiors I think about the functioanlity of the space as well as the overall look. Of course in every project I also consider and incorporate Indvidual character of the space - I believe that details makes the design. I work closely with the client to ensure their needs are met.


During the long walks with my dog I get inspired by nature and its changing colours and seasons. Simple compositions of bark colours on the trees drives my mind to use them in creation of a new space.

          In my spare time I love to paint and draw - especially people and abstracts of my imagination. In the near future I am going to develop my skils in fine art oil painting to combine work with hobbies into one piece.

When I was little, I was always building houses and creating rooms from Lego bricks - now it looks like  my destiny was always going to be interiors.